1. The New York Branch is a wholesale bank and does not undertake any retail activity.  The New York Branch does not accept cash deposits in any currency.
  2. It has come to the notice that a spurious email mentions about an authority/instruction received by ICICI Bank from American Bankers Association for redirecting customer’s unclaimed funds with ICICI Bank to an escrow account before redirecting the same to a Federal account. The spurious email looked as if it was sent by an official of ICICI Bank. However, the spurious email had originated from outside ICICI Bank's perimeter.

    At ICICI Bank, security of our customer’s information is a top priority. Please visit the Safe Banking section on our website regularly to stay up-to-date on tips to keep your money safe and secure.

    Please note, ICICI Bank will never ask for your credential, e.g., password when you call our Customer Contact Centre.
  3. LIBOR Disclosure
  4. Borrower Education & Information Disclosure