Financing Services

  • Acquisition Finance
  • Our acquisition financing solutions are focused on delivering innovative debt financing to companies contemplating acquisitions or mergers. The solutions are structured to leverage your existing assets and those of the acquisition candidate to help finance the transaction. We leverage on our active international presence and understanding of various industrial sectors to offer financing solutions best suited to your ultimate goals.

  • Working Capital

      A need-based source of funding that enables your business to run smoothly and profitably everyday. Be it financing inventory, receivables, advance payments or unexpected cash needs, we offer a wide suite of lending products tailored to your individual business requirements.

    • Revolving Credit
    • Revolving Credit is a committed facility for a fixed tenor and is available for drawing as needed by the business. The line amount can be used, repaid and re-used within the term of the facility. Typically repaid from your business cash flow, revolving credit gives you flexibility to take advantage of business opportunities as they arise.

    • Short-Term Loan
    • Extended for a pre-determined period of time upto one year, short-term loan serves unexpected cash flow needs or sudden surge in working capital requirements. The short-term loan gives you flexibility to match repayment schedule with the cash flow available.