Export Services

ICICI Bank Limited, New York Branch offers a wide range of export services designed to assist your company in seizing new business opportunities around the world. By availing of these services, you could experience fewer delays in receiving payment, require less effort in locating collection information details, gain increased control over foreign receivables and experience improved cash flows. With our expertise and experience, we can structure and customize solutions for your specific requirements.

Letters of Credit

With our banking relationships with more than 700 leading banks across the world, you can insist that your export Letters of Credit are advised through ICICI Bank Limited, New York Branch. ICICI Bank Limited, New York Branch can also arrange export Letter of Credit confirmations for greater assurance of payment, if you have concerns regarding the performance of the Letter of Credit issuance bank or the stability of the overseas location. By adding its confirmation to your Letter of Credit, ICICI Bank Limited, New York Branch adds its assurance of payment or acceptance to the Letter of Credit. Confirmation is on the basis of credit evaluation of the issuing bank as per the Bank's criteria.

Bills Collection

Documentary collection is a common and flexible method of collection for goods sold to your buyers abroad. Although relatively simple in theory, this requires careful and accurate attention to the underlying documents. Rely on our expertise in efficient and prompt handling of your export documents collection

Export Financing

Short-term financing is extended for meeting pre-export financing needs or discounting of export receivables. Financing is on the basis of the support from the customer's export receivables and credit evaluation meeting the Bank's criteria.