Import Services

ICICI Bank Limited, New York Branch offers a comprehensive range of import services. As a valued client of ICICI Bank, you will be partnering a trusted banking institution that is highly respected in the world of international finance and crossborder transactions. Through our expertise and experience, we can structure and customize solutions suited to your specific business requirements.

Letters of Credit

We issue Letters of Credit on your behalf that give you the advantage with your suppliers at competitive rates, and offer world-class services. Issuance of Letter of Credit is on the basis of credit evaluation meeting the Bank's criteria.

Bills Collection

Documentary Collection is a common and flexible method of payment for goods purchased from your suppliers abroad. Although relatively simple in theory, this requires careful and accurate attention to bills of exchange, stamping requirements, Bills of Lading and other documents. Rely on our expertise in efficient and prompt handling of collection of your import documents.

Import Financing

Normally extended for a pre-determined period of up to one year for business purchases and inventory. Using our wide network of banking relationships worldwide, ICICI Bank assists you in obtaining financing by way of Suppliers' credit and Buyers' credit at competitive rates. Financing is based on credit evaluation meeting the Bank's criteria.