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Send money online to any bank account in India using our secure and cost-effective online money transfer service. Trusted by over a million NRIs for more than a decade.

How to transfer money from USA to INDIA?

  1. Already have a Money2India account? Simply login to start sending money in 5 easy steps
  2. ICICI Bank NRI Account holder? Simply login to NRI Internet Banking to start sending money 5 easy steps
  3. New to Money2India? Click here to enter few details and follow 5 easy steps to send money to India:
Step 1: Enter the amount you want to transfer
Step 2: Only for first time users: Complete user profile by adding few details
Step 3: Add new recipient or select already added recipient and click
Step 4: Add your bank account or select already added bank account to
make the payment
Step 5: Confirm & Pay for your transaction

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  • Simple and convenient transactions
  • Completely online
  • Competitive & locked-in exchange rates
  • Automated recurring money transfer: Schedule your money transfers in advance
  • Safe and Secure transactions
  • Make payments to over 100 entities in India

Service Charges

Zero transfer fee